Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

Q: How long have we been in business?

A: Since 1979.

Q: Where do we build?

A: We build within a 300 mile radius from Charleston, SC.

Q: What are the standard building materials, before upgrades?

A: Concrete blocks 48" apart under 4x4 pressure treated runners, pressure treated floor joists 12" on center, 3/4" Advantech subflooring includes 50 year warranty, yellow pine wall studs and rafters 16" on center, pre primed LP Smart Panel Siding includes a 50 year warranty, pressure treated exterior trim exterior and overhang, double barn doors are framed with 2x4's and LP Smart Siding (including 4 hinges each door), and 3-tab shingles with 25 year warranty. Note: All buildings are custom made and options limitless. Please check out our standardized list of options.

Q: What kind of warranty do we offer?

A: We include a 5 year, in house, warranty on all workmanship and materials. Our 3/4" Advantech subfloor has a 50 year warranty from the manufacturer. Our Smart Panel siding has a 50 year warranty from the manufacturer. And our 3-tab shingles, which we storm nail, have a 25 year warranty from the manufacturer. You may, however want architect shingles which include a 35 year warranty which is upgradable to lifetime. You may want a metal roof with a 50 year warranty from the manufacturer. Or, you may just want to do something completely different than the standard offerings since these buildings are all 100% customizable.

Serving Charleston, SC and Surrounding Areas